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This website is for collectors only

Dear collectors; we proudly present the David World Paper Money collection website.
We specialize in Crisp Uncirculated Banknotes from all over the world and we intend to keep stock
of the Latest and Newest as well as Rare and Older Banknotes: your Hobby is our Hobby! 
We only sell UNC banknotes unless otherwise specified. 


You can place your order right now:

Just click on the banknotes of your choice, and you will see a picture from this note.
You will also see the description and the price from this banknote (prices are shown in euros).
Just click the "Add To Cart" button and the Note will be placed in the "Shopping Cart".
When you have finished ordering, just click the "Shopping Cart" button (On top on the right) to check your order.
Make your preferred choice for the payment method and delivery method and click the ORDER Button.

To complete your order click the “CONFIRM ORDER” button, which you can find on the lower right.

A confirmation mail will be sent to DAVID BANKNOTES and a copy from your order to your email address as well.
We Will check your order to make sure the notes you ordered are available. When completed we will
Send you an email in reply with the total amount you have to pay with your choice of delivery included.

Instructions will be in the mail to finalize your order with the payment method you prefer.

Orders exceeding € 250,00 (For Europe) and € 500,00
(Outside Europe) have Free Insured Shipping (

*   For some countries Insurance is NOT Possible (only Registered Shipping)
What you need to know
Because most of the banknotes are coming directly from the original country, we can offer you our banknotes for a very good price.
You can always send us your missing or wanted lists and we do the searching. At this moment we have about 6000 different banknotes in stock.
Not everything is listed on this site yet, but every week new notes are added.
You have the possibility to make reservations for your order. Just check the “Reserve” box which you can find just below the “Country” line.

New Notes:


Product Compare (0)

(735) ** PNew China 1 Yuan Year 2018
(736) ** PNew China 10 Yuan Year 2018
(751) ** PNew China 20 Yuan Year 2019
(752) ** PNew China 50 Yuan Year 2019
P 212a China 1 Yuan Year 1936
P 214a China 10 Yuan Year 1936
P 328UNC- China 20 CGU Year 1930
P 860 China 1 Fen year 1953
P 861b China 2 Fen Year 1953
P 895 China 1 Yuan Year 1999
P 899 China 20 Jiao Year 1999
P 903 China 5 Yuan Year 2005
P 905 China 20 Yuan Year 2005
PS1452 China 2 Cents Year 1949
PS1453 China 5 Cents
PS1657 China 10 Cents

PS1657 China 10 Cents



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